Programação Car Rental Show – EUA

Programação Car Rental Show
Local: Las Vegas – NV – Estados Unidos
Hotel : RIO Las Vegas
Datas: 6 a 9 de Abril de 2014
4:00pm – 7:00pm Recepção
4:30pm – 5:30pm Seminário de Análise do Mercado e Locadoras
Palma F
Presented by Auto Rental News executive editor Chris Brown and special guests, this bonus session – for Car Rental Show exhibitors only – will update attendees on the car rental market with data, trends analyses and an insider’s perspective.
Apresentador: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News
(Exclusively for Car Rental Show Exhibitors and Suppliers)
5:30pm – 7:00pm Coquetel de Recepção
Amazon M
Aberto a todos conferencistas
8:00am – 7:15pm Registro de Participantes
Salsa Registration Desk
9:00am – 10:00am Orientação para aqueles que estão participando pela primeira vez
Palma F
Apresentadores: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News; Sharon Faulkner, American Car Rental Association
10:00am – 12:00pm Mesa Redonda
Miranda Ballroom
Serão 10 mesas com um tempo de 20 minutos cada, onde os participantes poderão discutir cada um dos tópicos.
• Atendimento ao Cliente no tempo das mídias Sociais – Maria Romano, Advantage Rent A Car
• Implementando o “self-Service” em Locadoras – Alex Aryafar, Rent Centric, Inc.
• Como gerenciar tarifas em um Mercado competitivo – Richie Oshiro, Rate Highway
• Localização, financiamento e compra de ativos – Ray Waltz, NextGear Capital
• Melhoras práticas em contratação de funcionários – Visão Juridica- Richard Alaniz, Alaniz Schraeder Linker Farris Mayes, L.L.P.
• Financiando melhor a frota – Ziba Soroudi, CPA, The Soroudi Group
• Melhores Práticas – Juan Collado, High Tech Locksmiths
• Understanding Car Rental Transportation Logistics – Jon Koch, McNutt Automotive Logistics
• Vendas de Balcão mais fáceis e efetivas- Dicas de aplicação instantaneas! – Pat The Trainer, NextCar, Priceless & Rent-A-Wreck Corp. Training
• Melhores práticas em cobrança de avarias – Jack Vercollone, VERC Inc.

12:00pm – 1:00pm ALMOÇO

1:00pm – 2:00pm O futuro do negócio de Locação de veiculos no mundo e em sua cidade
Miranda Ballroom
In this keynote address, Patrick Farrell will provide perspective on car rental’s role in this new era of transportation, set forth the opportunities for smaller companies in today’s consolidated market and highlight the growth challenges for car rental overseas.
Keynote Speaker: Patrick Farrell, Enterprise Holdings
2:05pm – 3:00pm Sessões Concorrentes:
5 Sinais de uma ótima cultura de vendas em sua empresa
Palma F
Understanding your company’s sales performance has gone far beyond the simple measures of incremental sales yield and overall revenue. In order to drive the highest incremental revenue while having best-in-class service, operators need to look deeper for actionable metrics that will help re-shape associate behaviors and protect the customer’s experience. In this interactive workshop, experts from Frontline Performance Group will share real-world examples of how understanding these new measurements will lead to big-time results.
Apresentador: Ken Stellon, Frontline Performance Group
Como precificar a venda residual de veículos em leilões
Amazon M
Using actual auction values and specific vehicle case studies, Eric Ibara, director of residual values for Kelley Blue Book, will provide insights into the factors affecting residual values for popular rental car models. Ibara will correlate changes in pricing, volume, engine performance, and transaction price to the subsequent change in those models’ used-car values. Specific focus will be given to model redesigns, including analyses of factors in a vehicle redesign that signal dramatically higher values at auction and how values of a redesign change over time.
Apresentador: Eric Ibara, Kelley Blue Book

3:00pm – 3:15pm Intervalo para Networking
Amazon Foyer
3:15pm – 4:10pm Sessões Concorrentes:
Tenho “robôs” no meu balcão, o que fazer para mudar e melhorar minhas vendas
Palma F
In this seminar, learn how integrated systems can use rules-based decisions to automate rate management, facilitate prepaid reservations and enhance membership programs for better business.
Apresentadores: Lori Tennant, John Hansen, TSD

Quando um Sistema de franquia é bom para meu negócio?
Amazon M
Joining an affiliate system allows independent car rental companies the freedom to keep their own identities while gaining reservations from major online travel portals and other sources. Representatives from the major these brands will show attendees how affiliate systems work and answer questions on the benefits, conditions and obligations of an affiliate program. This session will help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the systems to help you determine if joining in the right step for your business.
Moderator: Sharon Faulkner, American Car Rental Association
Panelists: Jack Wetzel, Fox Rent A Car; Alejandro Muniz, Economy Rent A Car; Kevin Stutz, ACE; Mark Walker, NU Car Rental

4:15pm – 5:10pm Sessão exclusiva da ACRA – Associação Americana de Locadoras
Miranda Ballroom
Join Sharon Faulkner, the executive director of the American Car Rental Association, and members of the ACRA Board of Directors for an open forum on the issues currently being tackled by ACRA and pending issues facing the industry. This is your chance to be heard, promote action and affect change throughout your association.
Apresentadores: Sharon Faulkner and the ACRA board
5:15pm – 7:15pm Abertura da área de expositores
Amazon Ballroom
7:30am – 3:00pm Registro dos participantes
Salsa Registration Desk
8:00am – 9:30am Café da Manhã: Como trabalhar a alta performance dos colaboradores
Miranda Ballroom
“All things being equal – the mentally tough win every time.” Dr. Craig Manning, author, pro tennis player, coach and Olympic sports psychology consultant, will guide attendees through his Fearless Mind methodology, which uses proven scientific curriculum built around the psychological principles of the mind to help maximize human efficiencies. Dr. Manning will help you condition a “Fearless Mindset” to build confidence, expel anxiety, increase efficiencies and accelerate productivity as well as overall profitability.
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Craig Manning, Olympic Sports Psychology Consultant
*Session will begin at 8:30am.

9:40am – 10:35am Sessões Concorrentes:
Componentes críticos na recuperação de sinistros e perdas
Palma F
Loss of use: Why are insurance companies fighting it, while simultaneously selling products that cover it? How can the latest court cases translate into practical, everyday steps that car rental agencies can use to document, claim and recover for lost use of a damaged vehicle? David Purinton, who championed Koenig v. PurCo, and Stephen Christiansen, lead counsel for PurCo on the Koenig case, will take attendees on a Car Rental Show first – a deep dive into the nuances of loss-of-use recovery. Using Purinton’s interactive style and workbook format, attendees will leave with more tools to win the loss-of-use battle in the trenches.
Apresentadores: David Purinton, PurCo; Stephen Christiansen, Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy

Como combater fraudes em cartões de crédito
Amazon M
Detective Kraig Palmer of the Orange County, Calif. Auto Theft TaskForce (OCATT) has investigated and solved numerous cases of car-rental related identity fraud involving fake or stolen credit cards and drivers’ licenses. Detective Palmer will use actual case histories to show car rental companies ways to spot potential fraud and protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated crime tactics.
Apresentador: Kraig Palmer, Orange County Auto Theft TaskForce
10:35am – 10:55am Intervalo para Networking
Amazon Foyer
11:00am – 11:55am Sessões Concorrentes:
Você está preparado para a nova realidade dos impostos em 2014?
Palma F
Car rental companies need to start planning for significant taxes they will face in 2014 as a result of disposing of low-basis vehicles acquired during the 50% and 100% bonus depreciation time periods. Learn how to estimate your 2014 tax hit, as well as how to take advantage of the substantial tax savings generated by a Like-Kind Exchange (LKE) Program. Attendees will also learn how to secure federal and state tax incentives available to the auto rental industry.
Apresentadores: David Fowler, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Robert Salazar, CPA, The Tax Solutions Group

Usando o BIG DATA para melhorar seu negócio
Amazon M
In this session, panelists will discuss how to leverage data, technology and analytics to improve business processes and customer service, increase revenue and profitability and minimize exposure to loss and expense. Take a deeper dive into your customers’ available data to improve your marketing campaign, gain more control over no-show losses and to minimize the chance of handing keys to high-risk renters.
Moderator: Angela Margolit, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, LP
Panelists: Gerry Lynch, LexisNexis Risk Solutions; Dan Ewald, Mayfair Rent-A-Car, LLC

12:00pm – 3:00pm Abertura da area de expositores
Amazon Ballroom

3:05pm – 4:00pm Atualização na legistação financeira
Miranda Ballroom
This interactive session will focus on highlights in rental vehicle law changes from the past 12 months and best practices for rental companies. The session will use “ripped from the headlines” and other real-life scenarios to illustrate the legal issues (and hazards) affecting rental transactions, including Internet reservations, electronic agreements and signature pads, credit/debit card and deposit practices, optional product sales, rental agreement content and format, and more.
Apresentador: Leslie Pujo, LaPlaca Pujo PC

4:00pm – 5:25pm Apresentação da Locadora do Ano e apresentação especial sobre RESERVAS PRÉ-PAGAS
Miranda Ballroom
Car rental “no shows” cost the industry millions each year. And yet, the industry has struggled to implement a uniform reservations policy such as those in the hotel and airline industries. With guaranteed reservations off the table, could prepaid reservations help car rental companies to better manage inventory and satisfy the customer? This year’s Car Rental Show will close with a blue-ribbon panel that will analyze this issue from all sides: operations, IT, OTA and GDS connectivity, revenue management, customer service, card policies and more. Using real case studies and on-the-ground data, along an insider’s analysis of hotel and airline revenue management and pricing strategies, this seminar will examine the growth of the prepaid model, its hurdles to implementation and where progress can be made.
Moderator: Bob Barton, The Hertz Corp.
Panelists: John Hansen, TSD; Bobby Healy, CarTrawler; Dr. Stowe Shoemaker, Harrah College of Hotel Administration, UNLV; Kevin Stutz, ACE Rent A Car Reservations
5:30pm – 7:30pm Abertura da area de Expositores
7:30Am – 12:30pm Seminário exclusivo para América latina:
“O Crescimento do Negócio de Locação de Veículos na América Latina”
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